Popular Live Casino Games

The Most Popular Live Casino Games


Amidst multiple types of online casino games, a few are gamblers’ favorites. Blackjack, Roulette, Three Card Poker, Baccarat, and Craps are the most popular casino games played across the world.  

Hey gamblers, have you ever wondered about the popular games in a casino? This article lists casino games in terms of their popularity across the world.


On the number 5 of our countdown, Craps holds its position. It is still regularly played worldwide, despite its lack of popularity. It is a dice game, mainly originating in the US but is also popular in Europe. Craps are a unique game of dice where players can roll the dice, thus deciding the winner by two phrases. The game is played among twenty players, and each will get a chance to roll the dice.

Moreover, wagers are also allowed on the thrower and many other ways. The casino team comprises a Boxman, a stickman, and two dealers. Craps generally have a house edge of 2-17%.


Baccarat or Punto Banco comes at the fourth position on our list. It is a pretty straightforward game to play. The winner is determined by whose hand is closest to nine in value. You can also wager on whether or not there will be a tie.

Three Card Poker

Coincidentally, the Three Card Poker comes the third place on our list. Though there are multiple variations of pokers available, it is tough to tell the most popular one. This game is quite popular in the UK. The game is straightforward, and the main objective is to make the best possible combination with the tree cards. Its appeal stems from the fact that it is played with dealers and is simple to learn. It is also common among the regulars as well.


Roulettes are the second most popular game in the casino. It has multiple exciting variations, and it is quite hard to tell the most popular version of it. The main hype is created by the viewers who spectate the game alongside the table and the cheering of the crowds. Moreover, it is also straightforward to learn and can be mastered by newbies without much hindrance.


Blackjacks are the winner of our list. Unlike many other casino games that are only based on luck, Blackjack is more stimulating and entertaining for its players since it relies on their decision-making abilities. Moreover, the game has fewer rules and is easy to learn. The goal of Blackjack is to beat the dealer to a hand of 21 without falling bust, and the game goes quickly. It continually changes for the players, making it ideal for individuals who enjoy a thrilling game – which is why Blackjack is the most popular casino game.


The list ranks the casino games in order of popularity. Some other games and versions are also top-rated and widely played. Moreover, to play all these popular games, do visit UFABET. It is one of the best online casinos around the world. Check out the site and start earning.

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