Being a lame punter

Being a lame punter – do I have to and how to do so?

The best football betting website in the web shares you how its competitors might affect your good experience in gambling. See why it is important to pretend to be not as good as you actually are.

Many intermediate punters eventually face the risk of being too good. If you wonder why, we should remind you that not any bookmaker can be compared to the best football betting website you are placing bets right now. The thing is that there will be a lot of bookmakers that will become suspicious about your successful activity. Others bookmakers will even hate you for being so good.

As a result of these those intermediate bettors face the situation to be forced to pretend to be mug punters. Do you have to do it? Of course you don’t if you place bets in the best football betting website. However, if you are not sure in the trustworthiness of your current provider for sport bets, better follow our guide for pretending to be a mug punter below:

  1. If you are still in your first two months of betting better do not exceed the time of your activity per day. The beginners in the field are common to spend up to 3 hours per day and if you exceed this time with won bets you will become quite suspicious.
  2. Once in a while open that casino section and play games with real money. The less you need to think in the casino games, the better. Through this tactic you will convince the bookmaker that you are a risk-taker and nothing else. If you play slots occasionally it would be very helpful for you to pretend to be a mug punter.
  3. On mandatory place bets with extra high and extra low odds. Do not place both of these bets in the same multiple bet. Confuse your opponent – the bookie – making the company think that you are still in that chaotic activity of placing sport bets.
  4. Use as many bonuses as you can. Usually, the big pros in the field of sport bets actually do not care about the bookmaker’s promotions that much. Of course, they get their welcome offers pleasantly, but within the time they get keen only in the loyalty program. If possible, do not make anything that can increase your level in the bookie’s VIP program. It is the best sign you are an intermediate punter for the betting companies.
  5. Don’t place bets on a single sport discipline! Make sure to mix the sport types on a regular basis, especially in your first days of the activity on a specific bookmaker you believe that will eventually “punish” you for being a great punter.

With these easy five steps you can pretend to be an average player. When you see that the betting house doesn’t show any interest in your activity continue with your regular approach of placing sport bets.

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