playing poker for a living

What are the pros and cons of playing poker for a living?


Check out the advantages and disadvantages of playing in instead of having a real job. See the positives and the negatives from playing poker for a living now.

Poker is one of the most profitable casino games. Since it became the emblematic game of the market as a whole poker has been always considered as a style of living, as a game to play for living. Today, when poker is extremely accessible and available in almost any online casino the dream to quit the job and playing the game for living seems to be closer than ever before.

The question is “Does it worth it anyway?”. Should all poker talents indeed quit their regular jobs and start playing the game for living in Some of you might have already made this decision. Others, though, might be still in this big dilemma. To help you consider what to do we have prepared for you two lists. The first one is dedicated to the pros of playing poker for living, while the second one, of course, is related with the cons of such an initiative. Let’s get started.

What are the cons of playing poker for a living?

  • The income is never set. Most of the job positions we are offered today are with either with fixed payment or at least with a payment scheme you can get an idea as to how averagely you can have for a month. In poker, no income is known. You can win as much money not to work for the next two years as possible, but you can also lose everything.
  • It’s an exhausted job. If you feel tired of waking up 5 o’clock in the morning every day to reach your office, wait what can happen when the first poker tournament invitations start requiring for you to be up all night long and then to participate in a poker event at 8 o’clock in the morning.
  • It’s not for everybody. The worst thing about such a plan is that you need to start it in order to find out whether it’s going to work for you anyway.

What are the pros of playing poker for a living?

  • The most flexible working time ever. Although the poker events would not be a few if you want to earn as much as possible, you still have the choice when and whether to “go to work” at all. And this means more time for your family and things that make you happy.
  • A realistic chance to become a millionaire. Let’s face it – we don’t get even the hope to become such while working in a big corporation.
  • Bosses are not allowed. You are the only boss you can have. You set your own rules, but beware, you should be prepared with criticism for your own play style if you want to progress.

So what’s going to be for you – would play poker for a living?

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